Tuesday, August 10, 2010

i was always your little girl (i'm not a baby)

you know what they don't understand? they want us to grow strong and independent, which is good, right? what they don't understand is that it's easier said than done. they want us to end up like them or better. no one said life was easy. i know that sounds so cliché, but it's  the truth.

what i don't understand is this:
my mama and papa taught me pretty much everything to survive. i could live on my own and have almost no problem, thanks to them. at the age of sixteen, that's pretty good. but this is where i get confused: i know how to care for myself so why do they feel the need to baby me on the smaller deets? like, when i should shower or go to bed or get up in the morning (currently seven A.M.) or even when i'm trying to be a normal teen (i.e: watching too much tv and such... I had to get caught up on my Glee and Vampire Diaries somehow... ;) )), suddenly i'm not so perfect anymore and they see this as an excuse to get angry. did i miss something? since when was this plausible???

on another note, i'm still feeling terribly lonely. like, actually. no joke. it's actually really sad. everyone's off having fun, carrying on with their own lives and me? i'm living the same day-to-day routine. but what do i do about it? thoughts, anyone?

Random Point of Interest: It is 10:17 and I am off to bed.
Song of the Moment: Papa Don't Preach by Madonna (Glee version posted below)

                                                 Papa Don't Preach (Glee)

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