Sunday, September 5, 2010

a new day has come

so i've been meaning to do another post for a while now. here it is:

so, school started this past wednesday and normally, i'd be excited or maybe just treat it like another year, but this is different. this is my SENIOR YEAR. wow. and guess what? i'm scared as hell.

you know how they normally give you a few days to let the feeling of school sink back in? well, not this year. i have a spare first period so i didn't worry about that at all. walking into biology 30, however, is a different story. it's been three school days and i have now learned about the anterior and posterior of the pituitary gland (which i now have to do some more research on for a project that is due in the next week or so), the hypothalmus, adrenal cortex, thyroid (studied in bio 20) and the parathyroid plus other things i have managed to forget and already need to review.

in english 30, we had a fifty minute introduction session complete with paper questionnaires. we then watched a short film, ("Our Time Is Up") and discussed the paper (two paragraphs--that's all she asked for--that ended up to be at least a page--because in grade twelve, things are a lot more 'deep') we were to write the following day.  

the only class that was filled with introductory-type things the entire class was photography 1. i ended up quitting the class because it was no use to me. i now have a spare in that period, too, so now i just go home or to the library. (lulz. i sound so boring.) so, yeah, senior year is going to be a breeze. NOT. there's also an entire other semester to get through.

On the better side of things, i'm joining the yearbook committee and the grad committee (why not? it IS my grad! that being said, does anyone know a cool slogan for Grad 2011?). i need extracurriculars to shove onto my resume and who knows? it could be fun!