Tuesday, May 3, 2011

girl, put your records on.

I really have nothing to say except that's it's pretty nice outside.
We don't take into account how beautiful the world is because we're so busy, occupied in our own little bubbles.  Just this morning, I was complaining that it was cold and rainy and didn't notice how good it smelled. I didn't stop because I almost missed the bus and made my day a million times worse.

Today was okay. (I had almost missed the bus, ran out of the house wearing a sweater while it was raining, my school was cold, I had a math test--but we got to do it in pairs so I didn't fail--social was boring because we just had an election yesterday and that's all we learned about and then I went to work in the Student Office--where there was nothing to do.

But, it's sunny now, and I'm home and I have no homework. So things are okay. I just want to get through this week already.

Random Point of Interest: I have yet to meet the boy next door. I shouldn't be so excited, should I?
Song of the Moment: Drive by Incubus

                                                    Incubus--Drive (Acoustic)