Wednesday, August 4, 2010

as the water slowly drifts

So, I'm feeling particularly suckish right now. No, I don't have the energy to cry anymore but y'know, it still sucks. What sucks, you ask? Well, there's the fact that summer is half-over and I have not done anything memorable. Sure, there were cool little moments (two days ago at the park, July 17th at K.B.'s place and July 7th at mine). THREE DAYS.

This leads me to the fact that I believe myself to be jealous of my particularly out-going friends.  They have lives, unlike me. Besides those awesome days mentioned above, my pathetic days have consisted of chores, cooking and reading. Reality is so much better in books. Even when it's the twisted stuff by VC Andrews because there's always a happy ending.

Speaking of cooking, I'm really not liking it anymore. Because it's taking so much energy. Energy I'm not willing to give if no one wants it. But at least my dad isn't like Abuelo. Not that it's a huge difference, based off of Mami's stories. Pero, sabes que? It'd be nice if people didn't just want me around (when they wanted me around) para cocinar. To cook. It's like, they don't want me around for who I am, but for what I do.

Yeah, I'm kinna pissed now, if you can tell. Which is where the random Spanish is coming from. The waters drifting away from me and I'm being dragged into the sand. (See, N.O.? Our little metaphor has a bitter edge. Just like everything else in this world.)

And the topic that probably comes up on every girl's blog: boys. In my case, the lack thereof. I mean, there's plenty of them. They're just hiding, I guess. But the time will come, I guess. Most of them are stupid, anyways. I mean, not like I've experienced anything, but from what I've seen, boys currently suck. X.C. (Swoon at Your Own Risk) does not  exist in the real world, ladies! (I totally wish he did, though!) :(

Random Point of Interest: My forty-something neighbor is playing with a remote control car like a four year old.

Song of the Moment: Riot by 3 Days Grace

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